Monday, May 27, 2013

Du bist so wunderbar Berlin

My very first home was Berlin. I was born a west-berliner. I don't remember it until I was 10 years old when we moved back from Africa, but I thought I did. I thought I remembered walking hand in hand to the bakery in the morning to get fresh buns with my brother while my mom watched us from the balcony.

When I moved back to Berlin at age 10 I hated it. I thought it was such a sad place where people weren't free but boxed into these apartment houses with  freaky neighbours. There was no real sunshine and you had to play at designated areas (playgrounds). It took me about one year (according to my mom) to learn to like this city. 

loved being here by the time we moved to Copenhagen, I was 15. I haaated my parents (but I'm sure I would've found anything to hate them for at that age) for choosing a place that wasn't as big, as cool nor had my friends. Again, it took me quite a while to accept copenhagen as my new home. The city change had a part in that but most of all the schools. The school I went to in Berlin was big and had all sorts of crazy awesome people to choose from where as the school in Copenhagen was so tiny it was hard not to be pushed into friendships. Regardless, I made some amazing friends and I started to feel good in Copenhagen. 

After 10 Years of living away from Berlin (my stop after Copenhagen was Vancouver) I moved back to berlin 4 Years ago to THIS day. I like it here. I like the directness of people, it makes them less superficial. I like the fact that I can ride my bike any where and feel safe. I love that I can buy Organic food and not be broke from it. I like the feel of this city, its grittiness, its amazing greenness, and its multicultural-ness. I could do without all the dog poop though and can't believe it hasn't been brought under control yet (!). 

We have planned to move away in a year, give Asia a try and see how that treats us. I am curious to see if I will miss Berlin this time around. 

Here a nice german meal (sorry for the quality of the pic)!


500g Green/White/Mixed Asparagus
500g potatoes
Parmesan Cheese
dash of lemon
salt and pepper
tea spoon sugar
tea spoon butter

Bring water with a pinch of salt, pinch of sugar, tea spoon of butter to boil.

Peel the white asparagus, and the ends of the green asparagus, chop in pieces.
when the water is boiling, drop the white asparagus in, after two minutes drop the green asparagus in.
let boil for about 4 minutes (check the consistency with a fork and see how you like it. I like to boil them until they are through but still have a bite)
drain the water (or use for soup) 
sprinkle parsley/cilantro/chives, dash of lemon juice and parmesan cheese (and also more butter if you wish)! Enjoy with the boiled potatoes!

Guten Appetit!

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