Thursday, May 09, 2013

getting into it

Today is a holiday and I went to my very first aerobics class!

At first I felt a bit lost, due to the fact that the teacher has a dance background and was really into it (which gave me enough motivation not to give up though, loved her) and overall- success! I felt sweaty and proud after the hour of hopping and jumping, pirouetting and misstepping my way through it. Watching her have so much fun doing the steps- I'm not sure how 'normal' aerobics classes look like but i didn't expect so many dance moves- gave me so much energy. She is my favorite teacher at the gym because she is very uplifting and seems to be happy. 

I aspire to be happy. Happy with my awesome-self and with my not-so-awesome self. I want to be happy on my bad days and on days I don't want to be. 

I have done a lot of thinking and researching lately on the topic of happiness and have come to one conclusion:

be good to myself.

It sounds so simple, right? mmh... but I do find so many hidden things that are NOT good for myself. Why do I do them? well. dunno. cause I'm silly I guess...

My goal is to work on myself- however possible- and to share it by blogging and maybe someone reading this (you perhaps) will feel motivated and/or uplifted about making a better life for themselves!

so right now in this moment, am i happy? yes. i actually am and why? because i feeeeeeeeel good.
I went to aerobics, i sweat, i concentrated on something other than my life- past, or future, i was focused on the steps, on feeling the music and just letting go. i had fun! then i made a huge delicious salad for lunch (see recipe below) and now im blogging. cant get any better than that on a holiday! now, off to meet a friend for tea! 


Salad Recipe (all organic ingredients if possible, if not, peal the cucumber!)

two hand fulls of mixed greens
2 cups of chickpeas
whole cucumber
2 ripe juicy big tomatoes
1 avocado
hand full of fresh parsley
hand full of pumpkin seeds
hand full of sunflower seeds
palm full of crushed flax seeds
one long green onion

chop it all up, put in bowl.

dressing: (best in a little jar you can shut and shake)
1T olive oil
2T apple vinegar
1t mustard
1t strawberry jam/ maple syrup/ agave syrup
splash of water
sea salt and pepper to taste

mix well! pour on salad mixture and (if you want) sprinkle some cheese on it (i used parmesan, can also use feta or whatever you wish)

Guten Appetit!

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