Saturday, November 02, 2013

Need a lil motivation?

When I was growing up I was pushed to be physically active by my dad. He taught me how to windsurf at the age of 5 and even though I didn't want to go windsurfing every saturday and sunday- I had to. He used to say get over your inner 'schweinehund' and you'll be thankful for it later. To translate, its your inner 'pig-dog' which is that lazy voice in your head that tells you not to do things. In other words, 'get over yourself'. I really hated that sentence and the fact that I had to go surfing for a few hours each weekend but it was always an absolute blast after those first 5-10 minutes. 
These type of lessons have helped me so much in my adult life. 

Exercise is proven to help maintain good health! gain good health! and provide overall well being! 

Also: it prevents osteoporosis, it helps regulate blood sugar, it regulates blood pressure, relieves constipation, relieves stress, makes you look better, increases blood circulation, strengthens your heart, increases libido, helps with your mood swings- doing light to medium cardiovascular exercise for 30min a day has been proven to have the same affects as the so called happy-pills people suffering from depression take. How amazing is that! And I've only listed a few of the benefits exercising has. 

I believe most of all, exercise makes me feel good. I have never, not once, regretted a workout, have you? 
When it comes to motivation regarding exercise and healthy eating I find that a lot of people struggle. They say things like ' Yeah, I really got to start exercising again, I am so out of shape' or things like 'I've got to start eating a little healthier' or others might say 'Come monday, I'm on a diet. No more sugary things for me' etc. But then nothing happens...

I used to think along those lines before I figured out what exercising means to me. I feel good when I exercise and that was the reason for me to start exercising on a regular basis. I have more energy afterwards, I feel emotionally balanced and I give my mind a bit of a break, so I feel almost like I just really woke up. 

Exercise is truly amazing and can transform your life for the muuuuch better. I recommend a daily dose of exercise (even if its stretching for 20 mins) for the rest of your life

Here are some tips to maintaining an exercise routine:

1. Start slow. You might feel a great sense of motivation for your first workout back on track but instead of something like going for an intense 5km run, go for an easy jog and slowly build up over the next month or so. There is no point in severe muscle soreness, it just makes you not want to go for another run in a few days. 
(Muscle soreness is not something to strive for actually, it's a sign that you over worked yourself and need a longer resting period to recover. Where as feeling your muscles is something to work towards. The difference? If you feel sore- as in walk as if you have a stick up your butt. TOO much. If you are sore as in walking and feeling a slight tug at your muscles- thats ok.)

2. Try lots of different forms of exercise, i.e.  classes, team sports, swimming, dance etc. Find something that you actually enjoy doing. Have FUN. Its not something you should be doing out of guilt or thought. It is something you should be doing because you want to be doing it. (Next time you are around children have a look at how much they move! They don't move because they think they should be moving, they move because their bodies want to move!)

3. Find true motivation. Help yourself with figuring out what you need, is it a workout partner? Is it a set schedule? Maybe a class? Maybe pictures on the internet of people exercising or even pictures of you exercising? Maybe some cool work out clothes? New shoes? Maybe feeling that fire inside during a workout?

4. Eat well. Exercising alone will not give you the energy and success you are striving for, if you don't put in good healthy nutrients to fuel your body, how will you have the energy to move? (tip: Try eating a banana with a tbsp of almond butter or peanut butter 30 mins before exercising).

5. Motivation that should work any time: See how you feel after a really good workout and really soak that feeling in- make sure you take a moment afterwards and realise how that feels. And the next time you have doubts if you should go walk around the block or not remember that feeling you had after the last time you exercised. 

Now be careful of the people around you who are envious of your new found motivation, they might want to bring you back down by saying things like 'you are exercising AGAIN?' 'You are craaazy for doing so much.' 'I cant believe you are so active. It's insane'. 
Remember, you are listening to yourself and what you need and want to feel good.

In my papas words: Get over yourself - you'll thank yourself later!!!

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