Sunday, November 10, 2013


The other day I have come to realise that I have made a big shift in the way that I eat. It's been a long process so it hasn't felt crazy to me. Some people might call it crazy but I just call it mindful eating. I eat anything that I want, no restrictions. Yes, some might think that eating no meat and no crazy greasy fried stuff is restricted. BUT, it isn't to me, see, I eat any vegetable, any fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds, some milk products, some crazy stuff I would've never dreamt about and condiments (mustard, tamari sauce, maple syrup and so forth) etc. You get the point? Uhm. Yessmm!

I never liked the energy-depleting feeling after that bacon, egg, sausage, fries with a side of pancakes and maybe some french toast for breakfast or that Alfredo pasta dinner... You?

I've had awakenings over the past two years that were so mind blowing to me that I felt 'how could I have not realised this earlier!?' but that's how it always goes, right! Once you've made that shift (with whatever you are pondering about) and the coin just drops you think, duhrrr. THIS IS IT!
That's how I feel! I still eat lots of sweet stuff, because those of you who know me, I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth! I just substitute all the bad stuff for the good stuff (i.e. sugar- maple syrup. White flour- Whole wheat flour/ Rice flour and so forth). I don't feel deprived in any form whatsoever. The opposite actually has happened. Being on this health-kick journey has opened up my mind and excitement more than I could have eveeeeerrrr hoped for. 

I made some Waffles this morning. Sunday! Funday! Waffle Breakfast! It was delicious! it was healthy! and most of all I feel full of energy! and don't want to crawl back into bed! (yes I am yelling at you but with a happy face aaaand maybe a flopsy dance in between. flopflopflop.

So, come oooon, give it a shot! You won't regret it, I promise! YAHOOOO! 
Happy Sunday everybody!


1.5 Cups Milk (I used soy but rice or almond or whatever you wish would be fine too)
1.5 Cups rolled oats
2 Tbsp Oil (I used coconut Oil)
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds (you can get this at your nearest health food store. You could also use flaxseeds or an egg)
1-2 Tbsp Maple syrup
2 tsp Baking powder
1/2 tsp sea salt

Note: You could also add spices like vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg etc

What to do:
- Turn on your waffle iron on low to medium heat (too high will make them burn and stick to the waffle iron)
- blend oats for 30 sec in a blender
- add the rest of the ingredients and blend for 2-3 minutes
- add a good amount of oil onto the waffle iron when it is ready
- add a dollop of batter
- wait and wait some more until its cooked, then
- store on a plate covered with a fresh dish towel while making the rest!

I drizzled almond butter, maple syrup, bananas and apples over mine. You could always add coconut flakes, berries, bee pollen, whatever your heart desires!

ps. I'm sure you could also use a sandwich press if you don't have a waffle iron!

Guten Appetit!

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    Geil!!!! And just what we talked about ;)


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