Friday, January 24, 2014

The Finale.

Yes! Finals are coming up pretty quick for me, which means I've been studying and thinking about nothing else. Smart? NO! HEEELP! 

Its been a little intense with all the review in school and all the topics we still need to cover before we head into our first exams and over all I must say, this is a crazy ride. One moment I feel on top of the world and think I can master anything thrown at me and the next moment I feel like a little stinky puddle of mud in the corner of my living room. It doesn't help when my classmates talk about what they have studied and about all the stuff they know. 
Puhhhhlease, gimme a break guys!
I have realised that studying is actually fun if I also have a life along side of it. I can't just get up, go to school, come home and study till I go to sleep. That just ain't me...
So, I have been taking some breaks... I also have been struggling with getting my mind blank and not thinking about those exams during my breaks... 
But, this stressful time shall pass, I will come out stronger (and hopefully smarter) and there shall be another sunny day. 

On a happy note, I do yoga each day, laugh really hard at least a few times a day and eat really good food to keep my spirits up. 

Please do something really fun and think of me sitting in my living room with a huge pot of tea over some books, with steam coming out of my ears and really enjoy the fact that you don't have that life right now :D 
Happy almost TGIF!

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