Sunday, April 27, 2014

In motion

Our apartment is almost completely empty by now. What a feeling to own so little again. I recommend it to all of you out there. I felt overwhelmed this past week with how much useless stuff we had!  

I have thought and still often think about how much waste us humans produce but this past week, packing up my apartment... I realised that I have been naughty. Too much plastic, too much schtuffs. Tz tz tz. 

My new challenge is to live minimalistic for the REST OF MY LIFE. My husband came up with the best idea ever and that is to go through our apartment once a year, preferably on our one-year-moving-anniversary, and really de-clutter. Giving so many of our belongings to charity, to neighbours, friends and selling some stuff has been so liberating! The true challenge I suppose is not even acquiring all that useless stuff!

It is quite a fascinating process getting rid of things I own. 
Firstly, feeling overwhelmed with letting stuff go and not being able to even think clearly about what I do need and what I don't need. 
Secondly, realising life as I know it won't be anymore and coming to terms with that thought. 
Thirdly, thinking about every story behind every item that I own and holding on to it. 
But then... I love the thought of a new and exciting adventure, new stories, new memories, a new life and I can let go of unnecessary materialistic weight! They are just things, the memories that are important to me will stay in my heart.

These are our last days in Berlin and then it's off to live on a Boat for three and a half months! I suppose this blog will turn into a bit of an adventure blog while I scope out harbours, nature and random yummy foods! So stay tuned for some wild pictures and some wild stories :D

Until then this is the wildest pic I can come up with these days...