Saturday, May 03, 2014

Bye Bye Berlin, I will surely miss you!

During our last days in Berlin, the sun came out and showed us one last time how wonderful Berlin truly can be! I kept getting waves of butterflies in my belly every time I realised that this new adventure was actually going to happen and it wasn't just a dream...

My love and I decided to list the top five things we will miss about Berlin. 
My number one was: My daily bike ride through the Tiergarten. Isn't it magnificent?

One of our last celebratory dinners was one of our favorite tapas style dinners! You should try it one night! It is truly satisfying!

Then the day came, where we had to bid Berlin farewell... 
As my good friend said 'With one crying eye and one laughing eye'. 

Maybe also one terrifying eye driving a moving truck :D

I haven't yet truly realised that there is no apartment waiting for us back in Berlin to return to... I still get butterflies in mah belly thinking This is real. This is happening. Waking up in the morning and not having to think about anything but what area shall I scope out today? It's pretty freaking crazy I tell ya! 
 I have reaaaally been enjoying our bike rides and our nature walks here so far, no people and no traffic sounds!

I have decided to take as many pictures as I can over the next few months to share our shananaaaananaaaanagans. Pictures can say so much more than my little words... here are the first few!



We set sail anytime after next wednesday when the stormy weather is supposed to have passed. Fingers Crossed! Right now it feels a bit too much like winter.
Until then my friends!


  1. And then where do you go Nadilein?!!!

    1. We sail to Denmark then Sweden then Finland! At least that's the plan ;) then in august we move to Singapore!

  2. Wir vermissen Euch hier jetzt schon! Aber sooo aufregend - euer Abenteur beginnt (oder geht weiter). Und ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf die Fotos und ein paar kleine Wörter von dir;-)
    Ahoi :-*


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