Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hey friend! here is an update :D

We've been sailing since last monday! Tuesday we made it to Bornholm for the night, beautiful Island, the weather unfortunately had us sail further on immediately Wednesday morning but maybe on the way back I get to explore it a bit more!
Wednesday we made it to Sweden (Simrishamn) already and then went on to spend a few days on the lovely amazing Island Hanö... Let me tell ya, what. a. dream. There were hardly any people (yet, sure is different during summer season) and a tiny Island= complete nature. It was one of the most beautiful little places I have been to in a very long time! (if you are curious for more specific location updates and pics, please visit this blog)

The weather got us to Karlskrona where we are lying now for a few days and waiting for this storm to pass.
After a week I have embraced the holiday life I must say! Lots of sleep, lots of food and lots of reading!!! 
I hope you are enjoying yourself wherever you are 'cause this sure is a wonderful world!!!

Here are some pictures :)

The boat from the inside!

The kitchen

Bathroom? yes! good guess

Main room where you can fold the top bunks down and have two sofas and unfold the table for cold rainy days (which we won't eveeeer get, right)

Our very humble living quarters

Beautiful amazing Sweden

Gourmet food on the Island of Hanö (yes, yumm!)


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