Monday, May 05, 2014

The great voyage

At the age of 18 my father and some friends bought a fishing boat made in 1934 and used it for recreational use. Over the years of my childhood we spent a lot of time on that boat (whenever living in Germany) always traveling to the northern city Kiel where it had its home for all those years. Once we moved to Copenhagen my father bought the other owners out, sailed the boat over and since then is the very proud sole owner of this striking old ship. 

(See more pics here )

Now that Vati is in retirement he can fulfil a life long dream of sailing where the wind takes him, sailing with no deadlines of having to be back to work. When my parents heard we were planning on moving far away to Asia we got invited to join them this summer, for a three and a half month sailing trip! How could we eveeeer say no to that offer! 
Living under the stars, sailing to new harbours, living on water, in a tiny room, wearing the same clothes for days on end, tasting the salty air all day long, getting a sunkissed nose (when the summer ends up coming), hair getting tangled by all the sea water spraying in my face, feeling land wonky-ness when back on land...  I repeat, how could we ever say no to that offer! 

We set sails any day after wednesday, given the weather conditions are appropriately warm enough and nice enough. We'll decide the night before looking at the weather forecast, so better be ready with one small bag of clothes! 
For now we are getting the boat ready for our big voyage, meaning lots of cleaning, grocery shopping, clothes sorting, small repairs and the odd bigger repair. 
Todays repair- up high.

The route

Our first stop is the Island Bornholm in Denmark, then we sail across to Sweden and all along the Coast, eventually crossing over to the Alan Islands, Finland. (read more about them here)

Gotta get back on the boat to help repair more things up high!


  1. Anonymous5/5/14

    Na, dann mal gute Reise! Und immer schön schreiben, wir verfolgen das gespannt - versprochen! LG Martin (der Vetter...) ;-)

  2. Anonymous6/5/14

    Oh wow, toller Blog!!! Super tolle Reise!!!! Bin schon gespannt auf eure Stories!!!! Ganz liebe Grüsse von mir. Umarme euch, Roberta

  3. Fletcher Christian8/5/14

    How exciting! Will be checking into the blog to see the latest adventures. Beautiful boat!

  4. Oh, when you`re in Bornholm you have to eat a Kroelle Boelle icecream for me. Great childhood memories!!


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