Saturday, June 14, 2014


This trip is coming close to 4 weeks now! Almost a month on the water and every few days if not every day a new harbour. A new town which means new exploring and a new adventure. I can positively say it has been a real treat.

I am sitting in a cafe in Stockholm (free WiFi!), enjoying the wonderful pastries the Swedes have (sooo many and soooo tasty!). We can't sail on today but will be able to get moving tomorrow, the only low windy day in the next few days. I have never felt so dependant on nature in my life. If it's too windy, can't leave the harbour, if there is wind coming from the wrong direction, can't leave the harbour, if it's no wind, can always leave the harbour. It's been very windy but also sunny and Stockholm is a wonderful city to explore, so no complaints from me! 

Interestingly though, in all of this excitement I have found myself sneaking in a routine. I get up around the same time each day, eat a similar if not the same breakfast and go to bed around the same time each day (exhausted from the day with either too much sun or too much wind lol) whatever happens in between is written in the stars. Just the way I like it, but after 4 weeks of not knowing what will happen today, I have come to love my few routined moments each morning. 

On another note, Sweden is truly beautiful. The skerry landscape is just too amazing to describe. You sail through them feeling so in awe of nature.

skerry is a small rocky island, usually defined to be too small for habitation; it may simply be a rocky reef. A skerry can also be called a low sea stack.[1]
-thanks wiki.

I'm positively surprised at how helpful, inviting and friendly the Swedish people have been! Just wonderful.
In the next few weeks we will be anchoring a lot, and only be sailing in very remote areas, little islands and so forth going up to Finland now, so no internet (I must confess, it has been a bit more of a challenge then I had thought originally, living without constant internet. But, yes, also very nice!). 

Until the next time my friends, 
Enjoy your summer!!!

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  1. Salvatore di Vita18/6/14

    Yay! Photos! Looks lovely. How long is Kevin's beard now? Is it getting tangled up with the rigging at critical moments? Are you both using Scandinavian skin care products as used by fishermen?

    Stay safe... when should we expect the next installment?


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