Friday, July 18, 2014

A Swedish Update

I must admit, I was very lazy in taking pictures and updating this blog, I just wanted to enjoy some time away from real life but also, internet connections have been a bit of a struggle- siiiigh. 

We sailed and sailed and sailed until we hit the Ă…land Islands and even though it was the worst weather you could ever wish for on a boat trip (rain, wind, 10 degrees Celsius), it was beautiful. 

We stayed there for about a week and chatted to some locals who said they haven't had a summer like this in about 100 years. Of course, when we are there, the weather decides to give us the exception. Ha!
Nonetheless we had a nice time, there were lots of trails, nature and beautiful scenery we could enjoy, even with rain gear on. We went to an amazing museum, an old Ship called Pommern (read about her here) and learned about how it used to be for sailors- then we had nothing to complain about anymore! 

The trip back to Sweden was the roughest trip on a boat yet for me, extremely high waves and stormy weather but we made it safe! pfewf! Since then we have been doodling back towards Germany and FINALLY! got a summer :D and the cold weather seems like a whole other trip ago.

It has been very nice sailing, anchoring, exploring wonderful trails in Sweden, they have crazy outdoor fitness stations made out of wood, it truly is amazing. No town is too small for little paths with pictures and explanations on where you are and what you are looking at and what used to be here. 

It has also been a little trying, at times, living on a boat, in very small quarters, with my parents, who I see 24/7. Big personalities on very little space, what do you expect? haha.
This is also a very old boat, and we had a few things having to be fixed which caused a little extra stress and doubt about being able to finish this trip. Thankfully, as of now, everything is working again and we can sail back smoothly (hopefully). 

What! A! Summer! It seems like a lifetime ago that we started this trip and we've experienced so much, I already couldn't tell you where we were a week ago! Insanity!  

I hope you are having a suntastic time wherever you are and are enjoying the summer!


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