Sunday, September 14, 2014

A new life

Hey Friend!!!

Firstly, I would like to announce that I am pregnant with my first Child (as of yesterday 22 weeks if that means anything to you)! Super exciting and super nerve wracking in midst of all this moving and building a new life. Many ups and downs had in the past little while, many thoughts of 'what are we doing, why are we doing this, this is the best thing to do, is it the best thing to do, how exciting, how frustrating, I love it, I don't love it' 

Moving to Singapore. Pregnant.

First impressions 

The people here are extremely friendly and funny. They stare at my growing belly a little confused but then look at my face and give me huge smiles. 

There are enough shops and restaurants to test and go eat at, to last a life time. I have never ever seen so many restaurants or shops/malls in one city!! It's insane. The upside? Its not necessarily too expensive to eat out here. The downside? They are big meat eaters here (more to that later).

Grocery stores vary greatly in price and quality.

Beautiful parks and greenery!

The weather... is a tough one for me... My husband just absolutely loves the heat and the humidity whereas me, being pregnant or not, can't handle the humidity as well. This has been in fact, the hardest thing about Singapore and has been extremely hard to come to terms with- I still haven't fully yet. Some days are a lot better than others, depending on my energy level and pregnancy mood! Having a pool to jump into has been my life saver these past few weeks and makes me feel happier than ever each time (YEAY to that!).

It has been a lot easier to make new friends here than in Berlin, other expats want to help out, give great tips and make sure you are enjoying your time here. It's been really nice to meet new people who are so open!

All in all, I would say, apart from the weather ups and downs I am enjoying living here so far, I do get frustrated with the food situation (I'm working on a separate full post on this topic- of course).

I hope your summer has been great and are embracing fall as it should come soon if you are living in the colder regions. PLEASE enjoy the fall, it is my favorite time of year and I am a little sad about missing out this year.


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