Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Moving in

We have found an apartment! Right by the botanical gardens, a really cute character-filled 'older' building with a much loved tropical feel to it. Our view out the window is greenery filled with the most amazing palm trees! We are very happy here to say the least.

Looking back about six months ago, we gave up almost everything we had in our Berlin apartment and promised to live minimalistic, so far? Success! We have a two bedroom, two bathroom. In one bedroom we have a shelf, thats it. In the other bedroom we have a bed, a side table, a laundry basket and a shelf. Not bad, right? In the living room we have a couch, a coffee table, a chair, a shelf, a dining table and a smaller cupboard. That is all the furniture we own and it feels great. The shelves are empty, the cupboards are empty and the walls are empty. The last one we need to change ASAP. Also a few plants will do this place some good but all in all this minimalistic living feels more freeing than I thought it would. I sit here on the couch, not having to look at clutter or stress about cleaning up! What a treat :D

A few strange things about our apartment compared to living in Europe and North America? 
-No ovens in older buildings! Our landlord was kind enough to buy us a brand new counter top oven, very nice of him! But having no oven? A little strange to my cake loving tasty buds... 
-There is a back door in the kitchen that is just an open gate that you can lock, no windows or closed door, that leads to the laundry area that is kind of like a balcony, so basically the kitchen is in the 'open'. 
-We have a Drink machine in the lobby, in case you run out of cold drinks.
-I don't think there is a time limit here as to when you can make noise, I noticed our neighbour the other day vacuuming at 11.30pm (in Germany, if you are considerate and don't want complaints within a short while, you leave that till the next day)
-Most buildings have guards. Even though Singapore is considered super safe, there is always someone just chilling at the front smiling and waving at you. 
-The buildings are well kept, the greenery is always watered and shaped
-Every apartment door has an extra ledge where you leave your shoes before entering (LOVE this) 
-Once every two weeks they go around buildings (this is a law) and smoke out any mosquitos, to keep dengue fever at bay
-Most Condos come with pools... that one isn't strange, just freaking awesome :D

Life in Singapore still feels surreal, as if I am on a long vacation waiting to go back home, I've heard that it takes our heart about 6 months to follow our mind...

I hope you are enjoying fall for me! I will now hop in the pool and swim like there is no tomorrow.