Monday, December 01, 2014

Oh Baby!

Giving up our life and all our belongings to start a fresh new adventure, only to find out we are starting fresh in many more ways than expected was well, unexpected. 
I have decided to share some of my pregnancy thoughts with you today. Pregnancy is a miraculous and wonderful time but can also be tough and confusing...

Once officially pregnant, some people really want to share stories that they have either heard or experienced that are really more fear instilling than empowering in any way. (no thanks!)

Sleeping is a bit tougher than when there wasn't a big belly in the way.

Some people feel that now is the perfect time to give me direction in my eating, sleeping and exercise habits.

Swelling of the fingers and toes have started to kick in (but hey, at least they are looking young, right?) 

Some people like to comment on the size of my belly 'THAT still has months to go? There is only one in there, right?' (thank you so much for bringing that to my attention, I didn't feel big and uncomfortable until you said that)

Clothes are a little harder to find in this weather of heat hot warm sizzling sunshine

Some people like to show their support in 'feeling sorry' for me- as in, 'you poor thing you are pregnant' (oh... I thought this was a time to be excited and happy about? no? uhhh... shit. what now?)

NOW. Let's forget all the silly comments and annoying questions and come to the good parts, shall we?

Most people are so excited for me that I feel very supported and loved.

I can still walk around without reaaaally waddling (yes! For real)

Most people treat me so thoughtfully, I might want to be pregnant for ever (where can I buy those fake bellies they use in movies?)

I look at life a little bit differently than I had before, everything is more special.

When I feel this little worm squirming I feel so overwhelmed thinking 'how is it possible to love someone already so much you haven't even met yet!?' 

I get to visit every public toilet in Singapore!

Life slowed down a lot and I've become calmer and turned more inwards. 

All my old t-shirts are now really sexy belly shirts (SCORE!)

I've had a few mood swings (shocker, right?) with some well deserved pregnancy rage and a week here and there where I thought the world will end because I am so sad over nothing, but over all I just feel really grateful to be able to experience this. This little baby, that we have made will be my baby for the rest of my life. My little squirt that I can tickle, tease, cuddle, kiss and see grow every single day. What. a. blessing.